You and your family have served us, now let us serve you.

We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive mental healthcare services to active duty military, veterans, and their families.

Patriot Support Programs of UHS provide treatment for active duty military, veterans, National Guard, Reserves and their families. Programs and services are specifically designed to address the effects of combat stress, post-traumatic stress, depression, substance abuse and other behavioral health issues.

For immediate assistance, please call our National Resource Line at 1-888-505-1475.

Support for Every Stage

A Nationwide Network of Support

Our Patriot Support Programs are located throughout the US in an effort to make them easily accessible to active duty military, veterans and their families for addiction, depression, post traumatic stress and other behavioral health issues. In total, Patriot Support Programs of UHS is composed of 33 facilities providing quality, specialized care to our active-duty service members, their families, and veterans.

A Word From Our Patients

“There is no stigma for asking for help—it is our duty of our soldiers to be well. UBH is a game changer military treatment facility for those service members suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety. UBH saved my life without a doubt. UBH’s professional staff provided me with uniquely tailored care for my PTSD and depression.”

Former patient, UBH Denton
“Thank you for your unconditional love and saving my life. I will make sure to keep in touch and call when I can. Maybe call in some CODE GREYS, LOL!”
Former patient, The Vines Hospital
“Thank you everyone. You are all truly a blessing. I am thankful for everything! I have HOPE and I am not afraid to use it. Thank you all for being a part of my healing process. Your mess is your message!”
Former patient, The Vines Hospital
“Thank you for opening the HOPE unit and saving my life. I am truly grateful for The Vines and will tell every woman veteran needing your services in Tampa to come here.”
Former patient, The Vines Hospital

“Thank you for the support, compassion and professionalism you have shown during my stay in the HOPE program. I was the only veteran and you welcomed me like I was a VIP at a high class hotel. You all showed me there is life after trauma, which I never thought possible. Through my interactions with everyone, I learned to trust others.

I wish I could provide each one of you a ‘HOPE’ coin for your continued dedication to our ‘wounded’ PTSD veterans who suffer from their emotional scars. Your compassion is seen through your actions and I thank you so very much!

I will miss you but knowing you’re all in my heart makes me smile. I love you all!”

Former patient, The Vines Hospital

“I am indebted to the therapists, staff and director of the UBH military program. Every day they showed up to work with a positive attitude and smile. That kid of care is therapeutic unto itself.  They enabled me to turn my life around and gave me back to my family with a positive attitude and clear mind.

I could not do this on my own. I had many demons to face and with UBH’s assistance, I’ve found a new life. Thank you for providing this specialized program only for the military. You have given me and many warriors a second chance at life.

Please continue to provide this essential service to all warriors that need it. You saved my life.”

Former patient, UBH Denton

“I just wanted to take a minute to check in with you. I have been doing very well and am still sober. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, but I am about to hit eight months. There have been some struggles but the foundation that you gave me has been crucial to my development and success. Thank you for the hard work and patience that you gave to me and continue to give daily. Your hard work and dedication saved my and my daughter’s life. Thank you.”

Former Patient, River Oaks Hospital

“Best program by far. I have gotten more out of these two months than I have ever had in any of my six-month programs. Top notch treatment! My hope is that you can convene an alumni group for people like myself to come back and share our experience, strength and hope with our new veterans and military women who will follow in my footsteps.”

Former patient, The Vines Hospital

For Immediate Assistance

Call 1-888-505-1475

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HSC/E7 USCG (Ret.)
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